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10 May 2021 - 12 May 2021
Virtual, Austria
b2b ("SoftWareDays",21) #future of digital business

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1:1 Meetings (Video Calls)


  • Use a desktop computer or laptop where both Webcam and Microphone is installed
    * Check your audio quality, using headphones is highly advised
    * Use a good webcam to improve the image quality
  • Video call meetings can NOT be managed via the b2match Mobile App
  • Check your time-zone
    Log-in and select "Edit my profile" to check your current time zone selection. If this is not the time zone you are located during the meetings please change accordingly.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera browser preferably
  • Internet Edge Browser only works for Version IDs 80+ (Chromium edition)
  • To make sure that everything is set correctly, please go to your "Meetings" and click on the green camera button "Meeting starts in ..." - this will open the video call feature of your browser. You should be able to see yourself!


  • Access the web platform and be online at least 5-10 minutes before your meetings start.
  • RESPECT the other participants' time and show up to all your meetings.
  • Close your Video Call meeting timely.
    Please leave the call in time as you or your meeting partner can have a subsequent meeting right after. A watch is indicating the remaining meeting time.
  • If an unforeseen circumstance arises and you will not attend a meeting, please cancel your meetings through the platform. This way, the other participant will be notified.

How do I join a scheduled meeting?

  • You can access your meeting schedule via Menu "Meetings" in the top right corner.
  • Click the green button "Start meeting" next to your meetings to join the 1:1 meeting Video Call

What options do I have if the meeting partner does not show up timely?

  • Quick reminder to join the Video Call
    Send a message (or phone call) and alert your meeting partner to join the missed Video call.
    This should work well if enough time is left over (e.g. 15+ min) for this scheduled meeting.
  • Re-schedule the meeting
    In case your meeting partner doesn’t reacts immediately on a reminder as indicated above you should re-schedule and postpone the meeting by 1-2 hours.
  • If a meeting can not be managed at the event date itself please use the chat messaging system (open the meeting partners profile) to schedule a phone call or meeting outside this platform

What if my camera or microphone does not work?


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Netherlands 26
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Norway 3
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Poland 58
Portugal 25
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Romania 48
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Serbia 14
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Slovakia 43
Slovenia 8
South Africa 3
Spain 96
Sweden 40
Switzerland 19
Syrian Arab Republic 1
Taiwan 2
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Tunisia 1
Turkey 56
Ukraine 67
United Arab Emirates 4
United Kingdom 82
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Total 2308


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