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10 May 2021 - 12 May 2021
Virtual, Austria
b2b ("SoftWareDays",21) #future of digital business

"At the beginning of the CoCreation Labs we have problems or creative business ideas...

Are you looking for new, innovative solutions to your business challenges? Do you have problems that need innovative ways of thinking? Are you looking for new technological solutions? Then you are on the right page! 

This year we designed a new session format, where corporates or established companies get a prominent spot in our agenda and can host a workshop to present their challenges. You just have to specify your innovation project and discuss your market opportunities - we will try to link you with the experts and try to attract great ideas from startups, scientists or any other solution providers.

What do you have to do? 

  • Indicate in the registration form, that you want to host a CoCreation Lab session. right afterwards the organisers team get in contact with you to check, if the challenge will fit into this event concept. 
  • An experienced networking person from the organiser team will guide you through the process of designing the right format for the challenge
  • Your challenge will be included in the agenda of the b2b Software Days and we will promote it among the registered participants, via our Social Media Channels, the Enterprise Europe Network, etc. 
  • Your hu

Why apply to host an innovation challenge during the b2b Software Days?

  • We expect thousands of participants from all over the world
  • You are at the right place - b2b Software Days aims to support companies innovate and internationalize 
  • Just believe in the wisdom of the crowd among our participants

One last notion: This session format is not foreseen to find new direct clients for your products and services. Please use the b2b Meetings for this purpose. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in contact with the organiser team. 

... at the end you will have new products and solutions."

CoCreation Lab Hosts

Closed since 12 May 2021
Location virtual
Participants 1610
Meetings 1593
Austria 747
Iran, Islamic Republic Of 210
Germany 117
Spain 95
Greece 85
Italy 83
United Kingdom 82
Ukraine 67
Poland 58
Croatia 57
Türkiye 55
Romania 47
Czech Republic 46
Slovakia 43
Sweden 40
France 39
Bulgaria 28
Belgium 27
Netherlands 26
Hungary 26
Portugal 25
Cyprus 22
United States 20
Lithuania 20
Switzerland 19
India 17
Denmark 17
Ireland 16
Serbia 14
Estonia 13
Bosnia And Herzegovina 10
Israel 9
Malta 8
Nigeria 8
Finland 8
North Macedonia 7
Slovenia 7
Brazil 5
South Korea 5
Russia 5
Latvia 4
United Arab Emirates 4
Singapore 3
Canada 3
Norway 3
South Africa 3
Belarus 3
China 3
Egypt 3
Japan 2
Chile 2
Kenya 2
Taiwan 2
Colombia 2
Malaysia 2
Viet Nam 2
Lebanon 2
Albania 2
Uruguay 2
Pakistan 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Luxembourg 1
Kosovo 1
Tunisia 1
Azerbaijan 1
Argentina 1
Bangladesh 1
Australia 1
Georgia 1
Armenia 1
China (Hong Kong) 1
Indonesia 1
Tanzania, United Republic Of 1
Afghanistan 1
Qatar 1
Costa Rica 1
Syrian Arab Republic 1
Total 2300
Company 1714
University 98
R&D Institution 89
Association/Agency 150
Authority/Government 110
Other 139
Total 2300
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Before event 90089
After event 14798
Total 104887